Monday, June 14, 2010


I have had some interesting questions and queries from those on my blog and some outside of my blog lately. So I shall reverse them and put them to you, my readers-

1) What is a conscience to you?

2) How do you know what is right and what is wrong?

and my own questions I draw from that-

3) How does this apply to gender equality?

4) What do you do in those times of crisis when your faith in yourself has been shaken?


  1. These are off the top of my head, but I think are a pretty good indicator of my beliefs.

    1) Conscience: Awareness of and willingness to consider the ideas and feelings of others(this includes animals) before taking action.

    2) How do I know? My feelings let me know.
    If you mean, how did I learn right and wrong? A combination of learning from my parents, unlearning parts I disagreed with as a I got older, exposure to others points of view.
    These are simplistic answers to a complex question I think you're asking.

    3) The same as it applies to any consideration of "the other." Selfishness versus altruism.
    I believe we do things BECAUSE they benefit us in some way. There is no pure altruism. When I care about and help others, I FEEL good; I am rewarded by those I know who regard what I do as good and important. Even when no one knows, I take comfort in making others lives better, at least, from my point of view. My belief system about helping others who have less than I is reinforced.

    4) I do a lot of wrong things and often doubt myself (right now I should be working instead of composing posts for a blog), but I have not had a self-faith crisis as you mean it. I don't think I have anyway. I'll have to think on that.
    Maybe I have lots of little ones. I know when I've gone WAY off track, I have always recognized it and decided to get back on. I don't see that as a crisis, though. Just a re-decision to go back to what makes me happy in life versus the momentary reinforcement that self-destructive thoughts and behavior sometimes has.

    I think I'm having a hard time answering your questions the way you wanted.

  2. I wouldn't attempt to answer these without writing a book, or at least a VERY long essay.

    An honest answer wouldn't necessarily sound "nice", because after all. . . maybe the universe isn't really nice at all.

    Crisis of faith in myself? Happens so much that I don't pay it any mind. Therefore, I have no idea what I "do". It is like the weather - you know it will change. Again and again. . .

    To be honest, I've not had such a "crisis" in years. Can't remember the last time, which means it must not have been very memorable.

  3. Thanks for the answers, I don't really have much to say in response haha

  4. And I searched my soul for you.
    Sigh, sister, sigh. hee hee.