Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yes, unfortunately I have had to start deleting comments. No longer will emotional outbursts be tolerated. Swearing is also frowned upon but will be allowed if in the context of a decent point. Personal attacks and character assassinations are no longer allowed either. Please keep it civil and intellectual.

I make this entry because I don't want to explain myself over and over. The regulations of my blog are fair, if you don't like them, please go elsewhere.

If I delete an issue you wanted to bring up because it is obscured by any of the above, please feel free to make it again, but this time in keeping with the regulations.

Any legitimate complaints about comments I have deleted can be made here. Any made elsewhere will be deleted as they derail blog topics.

Thank you


  1. I just wanted to say I admire what you're trying to do with this blog. Unfortunately, a lot of the MRAs here seem to think "open to criticism" means this is their forum to rant and unleash years of pent-up rage against feminism instead of actually engaging in a calm and rational debate.

    I know at times it's probably hard for you to look at a slew of hateful comments and take that deep breath and reply coolly instead of ignoring what you would have every right to ignore.

    Given the spite I have seen in the comments that have remained on your site, I would hate to see the ones you had to delete.

    Good on ya for continuing this effort. If you do decide to start ignoring some of the vitriol posted in reply to your blog entries, I don't think you should be criticized for it.

    Perhaps "open to rational debate" would have been better a part of your blog title than "open to criticism" because some people seem to mistake criticism for insults.

  2. Thank you, I very much appreciate it.

    Yes there has bee a lot of anger directed towards me, misplaced anger.

    Lucky I have a thick skin and a bit of an ego :P