Friday, May 28, 2010

In the beginning...


My name is Cassie, and I am a feminist. Let us think about that word for a moment "Feminist". This has become a dirty word in society today, I feel a constant pressure to hide or renounce my feminism in social circles. I have read that people are more likely to dislike me if I am openly feminist. However I have decided that is now less important then being true to who I am.

I am not a radical feminism, I will go into more detail about that later. I will provide more information about my political stances, I am;

Pro-gay marriage
Anti-marriage in general
Anti-capital punishment
Pro-animal rights

A little relevant background of me so in intellectual discussion we can be aware of any biases I may have. I am a child of divorce, my parents split up when I was 14, I believe it was in the best interests of all involved. I have been stalked, sexually abused and raped by men. This however is something I have come to terms with, I still have bad days, but minimise the impact of my personal history and emotional trauma on my political views.

I am not angry with men, nor do I believe they are "evil". I believe we all play a role in how society develops. I follow the dictionary definition of the word "feminism", which is "gender equality". I am uninterested in man bashing or any similar such things atrributed to feminists. I am in a relationship with an open minded also feminist boyfriend. We are both vegetarians and do our best to lead a moral life.

I am uninterested in the religion entering into the debating, falling back on the bible, "it should be this way because the bible says...", is just an excuse to have biased views. So godly types please keep discussion to something intellectual.

I have no interest in being labeled a "cunt", "man basher", "man hater", or a "lesbian". None of these are true, and anybody wishing to level these accusations against me need to have supporting evidence and "because your a feminist" is not proof.

What I am interested in is debate about gender roles, gender stereotypes, criticisms against feminism, criticisms against anti-feminism, etc. Keep it logical people.

With all that in mind I will start the ball rolling.

"All men are potential rapists"

Now this is an interesting assertation from the radical feminists. It is so interesting because it is factually correct. However I resent the implications that exclude women from this category. A more politically correct phrasing of this statement would be-

"All humans are potential rapists"