Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why men think they are oppressed

There are several issues in which men see oppression of women completely backwards, seeing it as oppression of men. A main area they point to is the idea of men sacrificing themselves for their families, for women and children. A recent example of this is in Haiti where women and children were evacuated ahead of men. However the root cause of this ideology is sexism, sexism against women. This is further seen in the persisting "boys club" which is the military. These positionings of gender however stem from the idea of women being more vulnerable than men, being less able to take care of themselves and handle bad situations. This isn't some sexist ideology directed towards mens lives being less valuable. It is a direct result of women being viewed as inferior.

It is unfortunate in my eyes that the MRA crowd are unable to see the bigger picture. A lack of acceptance of how society is really structured in terms of gender means the struggle they launch is doomed to failure. One must identify the problem first, then it can be addressed.

It must also be noted that society was not always split this way, in the evolution of humans the human society was formerly more cohesive. There weren't always these lines drawn where women should have children and men should die in war. The difference in the physique of females and males was not always so pronounced either.

Women are seen as inferior, this is a fact. This fact needs to be challenged. Terming something "female privilege" is just a denial of the facts. It hinders progress that should be made. The MRA ideology is of course purely reactionary, purely emotional. Their questions are sound. "why aren't women incarcerated for the same lengths of time as men for the same crimes?". To answer this question it would make more sense to me to examine the whens and whys. Higher rates of male imprisonment definitely didn't coincide with the rise of feminism, with any of the waves. In fact I would argue feminism increased rates of female imprisonment. These inconsistencies between gender incraceration was of course caused by the underlying sexism towards women that has long been a part of our culture. Their terming it "the pussy pass" is just degrading towards women.

They rightly point out that without men it would be hard for women to have a functioning society. Well the reverse is also true, without women a society would be damn hard for men. Instead of following this to the logical conclusion of solidarity between the genders, they force more dividers between the genders. There is a greater issue at stake here and it involves the working class not men or women. Not gays or straights. Not blacks or whites. Anger with an unfair system is justified, anger with all women because of the legal system or because of a social paradigm is not. Please direct your anger wisely.