Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Religion and the patriarchy

It is in my opinion (not so humble) that religion contributes greatly to a state in society which can be referred to as the patriarchy. In my society christianity is the dominant religion so I will concentrate on that. You have a book that you believe is the divinely inspired word of god. This book tells you that a woman should obey you as you obey the church (god?). How can you view this as anything other than sexism? If a woman should obey a man simply because of the penis or lack of penis status that is the definition of sexism. This opens up in society the validation of basing relationships on forcing the woman into a submissive role. The result of having these "divinely inspired" gender roles is rape, genital mutilation and a less important status for women in general, both throughout history and in society today. I think those who support this ideology have a lot to answer for, as it stands atm I am absolutely disgusted by this position.

Christianity is at its core a purely selfish ideology. People who follow the teachings of the bible rarely seem to think about how it impacts on anyone else, they are concerned merely with attaining a heavenly status in the afterlife. It is a mentality of well god said it has to be this way and if it causes these problems that is because people are sinners. I would like to say, if you are a christian that supports this ideology and other similar ideologies found within the bible, you are morally bankrupt and fail to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Please fly to the moon and never return. That is all.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The MRA position is ridiculous

I think it is obvious to most people that the MRA faction is merely reactionary and largely unneessarily. While it can be helpful to rally against FRA, it is actually going to be ineffective. You are better off spending your time rallying against the way in which justice is carried out, you need to be able to have a better alternative. "Don't lock up innocent people" is a worthy cause but how do you hope to stop that?

The main issue with MRA is they confuse personal issues with oppression. There is a distinction to make. To answer the question of many people on my blog. Men can be oppressed hypothetically, but they are not.