Friday, April 29, 2011

Class politics and feminism

I have been thinking about this for awhile. Does feminism go with socialism? Many claim that feminism is socialism, or at least marxist. This seems absurd to me.

So I suppose my question is if one does not apply a combination of class politics and feminism (or just class politics) to the world how can one get a reasonable idea of what is happening?

Hillary clinton being in office has nothing to do with the lives of the majority of women, this is not an empowering thing. How can we look to the oprah winfreys and the ellen degeneres' as signs of liberation for women and homosexuals, when the stark reality is that the experiences of these women will not be and cannot be the experience of most.

How can this be viewed under the lens of "the glass ceiling has been smashed! Just look at the aussie pm, she is female!" and be accurate? Do these very few women who end up in positions of power really indicate anything at all about the changing world of gender politics?