Sunday, June 13, 2010


With all the recent conversations I have had in regards to gender equality I find myself with even more questions.

I was worrying about one of my female friends being out late tonight and stopped for a second and realised if it was a male I wouldn't be concerned. Is this from sexism? I wondered. I however thought up many factors that could contribute to this reaction, other then sexist thoughts.

1) I seem to connect with women on a more emotional level then I do with men. I am unsure if this is something I do wrong, they do wrong, or just a natural state of affairs.

2) It is definitely far more dangerous for women, they are quite vulnerable.

3) In friendships consisting of two females it easily becomes one of the friendships habits to check in with each other.

4) I am a stresshead

5) It seems to be more acceptable to ask females if they are ok and things like that, males tend to "pfft".

I thought about those things and briefly felt better until I started wondering if this reaction and these interactions were as a result of gender roles in society. Addressing my previous points in light of this new realisation...

1) Women tend to be quite aware of their gender and the gender of other people (it could be like that for men as well, I am not sure). Could this be due to oppression? Due to being treated like sex objects? Having that constant little voice in the back of their head telling them to not let their guard down too much around the other sex?

2) As always, this brought me to the question of why it is so much more dangerous for women. Why do we have to be taught from very young to be careful where we go and who we go with, because otherwise we will end up raped? How is this an acceptable state for a society to be in?

3) The age old question of the possibility that men and women may not be compatible in close friendships arises here.

4) Well being a stresshead is probably part me and part society.

5) The macho, masculine attitudes men are instilled with.

It is fascinating.I am sure one day I will send myself insane with constant questioning, but until then, this blog will survive.

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