Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If women love the bad boy then men love the gold digger!

How many times have I heard a MRA whining on about how women love bad boys, they never pick the nice guy! So what do they expect? It is a little bit their fault when they are abused because after all they could have picked a nice guy. Perhaps they even secretly like the abuse!

By this logic I say obviously men must love gold diggers why else be with them? They could have chosen a nice non materialistic woman but no they went for the gold digger. So aren't they a little to blame when their partner drains their bank account? I personally think they like it, why else date this person in the first place?

Just my thought for the day. MRA absurdity and lack of logic never seeks to amaze and amuse.


  1. Points to ponder:

    How do you know these people were "MRAs"? Did they call themselves by that name? What, really, is the defining attribute of an "MRA" apart from what the acronym itself intones?

    How many times have you heard a putative
    "MRA" not talking in the manner you have described? Have you made a tally?

  2. yes they call themselves MRA's or at least affiliate with the movement.

    Bernard Chapin for example.

  3. Just another of many MRA contradictions that never seem to lead to debate within the movement. Other examples:

    -Father's rights MRAs never seem to take issue with guys who want a 'paper abortion' and be allowed to get out of paying child support (you'd think this would have anyone who genuinely cared about fatherhood and being mislabelled as a 'deadbeat' frothing at the mouth.)

    - Those who cry misandry when a woman says she's worried about strangers at night being potential rapists don't argue when women get told they're naive and asking for it if they AREN'T cautious enough.

    - Armchair evo-psych claiming that all men are naturally violent slobbering rapists who can't control themselves (and shouldn't be obliged to) seems to be acceptable coming from a man in order to slut-shame, but if a woman said the same thing there'd be hell on.

    As long as a woman is blamed, nobody seems to take issue with misandry WITHIN MRA communities. If it happens it's rare because I've never come across it.

    Regarding your OP: it's something I've noticed, too. While I don't approve of gold-digging, the relationship between the gold-digger and man showering her with money in exchange for sex looks very much like a two-way arrangement from here.

    Those particular men who go for gold-diggers and the women who go for bad boys are examples of PEOPLE thinking with their genitalia and not their brain. We're animals with a tendency to do that where sex is involved. But this is a textbook example of how MRAs can twist any situation, even equal and opposite ones, to be women's fault.

    I seem to be long-winded today, sorry :D