Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are lesbians beholden to the chivalry code?

I won't elaborate on this much, that is basically my question to anyone who is still around.

I will say however in my personal experience when I have been with a woman I automatically behave in a way that could be classed as consistent with chivalry. I like to pay for everything, etc.

When this is presented as oppression of men I was wondering if in a lesbian interaction if chivalry applies and if so are lesbians oppressed as a result in the same way men allegedly are?

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  1. I'm not too sure if chivalry is a sign of oppression. Usually, chivalry is extended to those who are less able than those offering chivalry and as a sign of concern/respect/courtesy. It is interesting but something I have noticed is that those women dominant in a lesbian relationship do not often appear to be as chivalorous as a man would be in similar circumstances. Perhaps I'm wrong, but thats not been my experience. Either way, I would never have thought chivalry was a form of oppression or obligation.