Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the matter of LGBT

I bring this up because I think it applies quite well to the ideologies of feminism in many ways.

The dogmatic conservatives seem to have taken up a postion of oppression. Whereby they are being oppressed by the oppressed. I just don't see how this is possible. You can't have a situation where the oppressed are oppressing the oppressors. Just like in feminism where the men claim it is they who are being oppressed.

And just like within a feminist context they are claiming that their freedom of expression is being compromised by the gay and lesbian movement. However just as it is wrong to openly (or secretly) hate a woman, a black, an asian it is wrong to hate a homosexual.

The parallels between the movements and the issues in each are startling. So I had a few questions. To those who subscribe to christian dogma and support gender equality (which doesn't seem to have support in the bible) and are anti gay how do you justify this position?

To those who support equality based on gender, race and sexuality what do you think about the issue of anti-gay christians being oppressed?

Is it anti-religious to resent that kind of bigotry? Is it even bad to be anti-religious? A lot of the dogmatic christian ideology seems to subscribe to the idea that homosexuality (but not hetereosexuality) is a choice, so it is therefore a viable target. In much the same way (but actually based on facts) being christian is a choice, and interpretation of the bible in certain ways is a choice. So perhaps by their very own logic it is perfectly moral to "silence" them.

Another point in which I saw anaologys to feminism was education. Namely there were complaints about literature involving homosexuals and sex education involving homosexual studies. Much the same as there is opposition to studies focused on women.

I think the point many conservatives miss is that as a woman, as something (someone?) other than heterosexual I experience oppression, where as they are the oppressing force. As the oppressed it is important for their to be things like girls studies, womens studies and the inclusion of homosexual literature and education in the reading curriculum. This to enable the change of societal values that will lead to more freedom for more people rather than what we have now. I am not forcing my will upon their lives they are forcing theirs into my life, by bitterly not allowing me the right to marry a woman.

At this point I should go into the arguments of why/how homosexuality is not a choice, but I really can't be bothered right now. If it is necessary let me know.

That said. I don't hate christians I hate the bigotry and the cowardice of hiding behind the bible.

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